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What’s Involved In A Trauma Or Biohazard Cleanup?

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Whether it is a residential site or a commercial facility, dealing with a trauma or biohazard cleanup can be very stressful and even scary. Since these cleanups are often necessary after a person has died, most people have little if any idea of what needs to take place afterwards to ensure the area is not only clean, but also safe. Rather than be left wondering what needs to be done, here are some of the most important aspects of a typical trauma or biohazard cleanup.

Containing the Spread of Contamination
First and foremost when professionals from RMR arrive at the scene, their main priority will be to contain the spread of contamination. To accomplish this, they assess the situation and then isolate the contaminated area as much as possible so that only authorized individuals will be present.

Removing Damaged Materials
Depending on what took place at the scene, it is possible many different types of bodily fluids and other substances may be present on or in walls, flooring, cabinetry, and other areas. To make sure the scene will ultimately be safe and contaminant-free, RMR experts will begin the process of removing these and other items that have been damaged.

Sanitizing and Cleaning
Using specialized cleaning supplies and equipment, RMR will sanitize and clean all areas that have been contaminated. By doing so, dangerous bacteria or residue will be immediately removed from the area, eliminating the chances of others getting sick from various illnesses.

Property Inspection
Once the sanitizing and cleaning process has been completed, RMR usually has a certified industrial hygienist inspect the scene to make sure of the proper removal of all contaminants. Once the hygienist has determined the area is satisfactory, clearance is given to begin the repair process.

While many people think regular household cleaners can take care of a trauma or biohazard cleanup, that is simply not true. To make sure an area has been properly sanitized and cleaned, it requires the expertise of professionals who are specifically trained in these procedures. Should you need assistance with a trauma or biohazard cleanup, call RMR at 480-309-2524.

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